The Son of God came to earth and had to put up with a material life until his death about 33 years later. He tolerated our weak bodies, he put up with the years of childhood and youth, he suffered through the illnesses of humanity and he then allowed the people that he had created to abuse him to the point of death. He did it all out of love for us, to save us from our sins. Jesus died to save sinners. This is the gospel story.

There are many things that are important to Christians that have negligible importance next to that fact: Jesus died to save sinners.

  • Jesus didn’t die for trinitarian, reformed, Arminian or other human-thought-up doctrines.
  • Jesus didn’t die for the Baptist, Pentecostal, Anglican or any denomination.
  • Jesus didn’t die for Protestantism or Catholicism.
  • Jesus didn’t die for church buildings or church programs.
  • Jesus didn’t die so that we would be materially prosperous.
  • Jesus didn’t die for America, or for any country.
  • Jesus didn’t die for any political party or ideology of government.
  • Jesus didn’t die for justice to be done on this earth.
  • Jesus didn’t die for the environment.
  • Jesus didn’t die for human rights.

These are just ten ways that Satan divides us. There are many more.

Love for any of the things of this world, even those things seemingly good, is eternally irrelevant and is a distraction. Jesus died to save sinners. The lost come to salvation through the gospel; the story of his sacrifice and provision of grace.

Main point: Jesus died to save sinners and salvation comes through the gospel. Now that he is gone from us, only the gospel is vital.

So what? If it has changed you, please treat it in the way that it matters. Please do your part to proclaim it to this world that so desperately needs it.