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Passing on the lessons God has taught me to the next generation.

About the author

Using human calipers, scales and other measures, I am a very average person. I’m not good at sports, I’m not especially clever and I’ve lost the charming good looks of youth. Because I have no trophies, no achievement awards and a mirror, my state of averageness is not easy for me to forget.

Over forty years ago I had a very real encounter with God, an experience that was totally unexpected and completely life changing. When I met God, I believed that He was real. He told me that the gospel story that I was hearing was true and I believed it. At that time, I am certain that He put His Spirit into me and I was adopted as His son. I hope that you have also had this experience.

Since I am God’s child, I consider myself to be the most successful person in the world. I don’t think there is any way that anyone could go any higher. It is a feeling, and an understanding, that never leaves me and that affects every aspect of my life.

Currently, I am a doctor in the Middle East. My wife, Ellie, and I have been living in different Muslim countries for twenty years as undercover missionaries. Our daily prayer is for an opportunity to tell others the amazing story of God’s grace that has captivated both of us. Sorry I can’t put up a real picture, the way other author’s do but this recent photograph is a reasonable likeness.

Screen Shot 2018-08-25 at 4.31.23 PM

Forty years in Christ is a long time. Twenty years as a missionary doctor is also a long time. Over the decades we have lost much of our zip and wit but our passion seems to have grown. And we have so many lessons, learned through experience, that we would love to pass on to anyone who also cherishes their divine son-ship and who desires to live out their life for our Father and His kingdom. These are my qualifications and that is my rationale for this blog. Please let me know your thoughts and ask any question.




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